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Bossie's Biltong

We are a small family run business based in Farnham Royal, South Buckinghamshire, producing high quality, fresh beef biltong on a weekly basis using the best quality meat sourced directly from Smithfields Meat Market as well as from a family run farm in Yorkshire. We like to use southern hemisphere bred beef where possible as we believe that it holds a truer taste to Southern African biltong although our beef supplier up North comes in pretty close.

We have been producing biltong for the last 5 years to the public and trade at various markets such as Marlow Farmers Market, Caversham Artisan & Farmers Market and Henley Farmers Market. We produce 3 main flavours of biltong; Original, Chilli and Black Pepper. We also have a new flavour being Scorpion Chilli. This is made using locally grown chillis grown from Johnny Hot Stuff of Henley on Thames when they are available as well as from South Devon Chilli Farm.

Johnny’s passion for spicy foods is undoubtedly a result of his upbringing. His mother is Belizean and he spent much of his childhood with his grandparents from her side (a Belizean grandmother and Jamaican grandfather). He was raised on a fusion of foods with English, Mexican and Caribbean influences and chillies and hot sauce were never far away. He used to enjoy helping his grandmother in the garden where all kinds of fruits and vegetables were grown and chillies were a staple in the greenhouse.

As he grew so did my passion/obsession with chillies, and in 2018 when the Johnny HoT Stuff brand was launched he had grown 17 different varieties and 44 plants in my poly-tunnels and greenhouse. Varieties from the mildest, Anaheim at around 1,000 Scoville heat units to the Carolina Reaper, which can reach a crazy 2.4 million SHU!

He decided to launch Johnny HoT Stuff as a result of friends and family constantly telling him that he “really should sell this stuff”. And the business was born. Fat Tabby use some of the sauces on our street food and you can also purchase them from us at some of our events.