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Hiring our Roccbox's

Ok lets get started, so you want to hire one of our amazing roccbox pizza ovens for yourself?


Do you deliver?


If you see your postcode on the right then that means we will deliver to you for free!


Don't worry if your postcode is not there as we can still deliver it to you. Please drop us a message or give us a call and we can discuss this as there may be a charge.

What do you include?


Each hire includes:

1 Roccbox oven and carry strap, a gas burner to connect to a propane or patio gas cylinder, a wood burner if you wish to try that, a pizza peel to get your pizza in and out of the oven, and an instruction manual.

You also get one of our lovely staff who will go through the setup and usage of your oven, and some do's and dont's when they deliver the oven to you. We want you to enjoy having the oven so we will make sure you're happy before we go.

We can even include our balls of pizza dough for you to use. These arrive chilled and cost £1.50 per ball which will make a 10" pizza.

How long do I get to keep it?

Our usual hire length is 48hrs (a weekend), but we can hire for longer periods so please just ask us.

We always try to deliver and pick up at a time that allows you to get the most from your hire.

How much does it cost?

The basic hire cost is £99 for 48 hours (a weekend), with a deposit of £350 taken on credit or debit card.

( Yes all our prices include VAT)

What if I don't have a gas cylinder?

We can supply one to you with enough gas for the weekend at a charge of £30.

We can also supply bags of kiln dried kindling and natural fire lighters for the wood burner at a charge of £5 per bag. However, you may wish to purchase these yourself.

I have a question thats not here?

Don't worry we are a chatty lot so just pop over to the "contact us" page and choose a way to get in touch.

OK I want one?

That's great just pop over to our "contact us" page and choose how you want to get in touch.